Why do I not see coverage markers in areas where I know there is coverage on the maps?



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    Chris B

    I have lived in the same neighborhood for 8 years and have mapped my neighborhood since 2012. I have done near continuous speed tests, meaning run a speed test, as soon as the test is done run another, while driving or walking in my neighborhood. I have had the app installed and set at high contribution since its first installation. I have driven and walked in the neighborhood with the app running in the foreground of my phone as well as in the background for YEARS, yet my neighborhood is BLANK! Foreground collecting should not be effected by the phone shutting down or unloading the app. How long does the map take to update? I've read blogs by Opensignal claiming a faster data processing method yet years of data collecting go unpublished. I've had data upload enabled, with wifi preferred. I've used the force upload feature weekly, when it was still part of the options.

    One of my other signal mapping apps (I use 4), has me at logging over 22 million data points over 3 years and I see my accomplishments on their maps. Imagine the data Opensignal is missing if my collected data isn't published. How much longer must I wait to see something on the map in my nrighborhood? In Opensignal alone I have 204 speed tests on this phone which I bought 26 days ago. Imagine the tests throughout the years...

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